30" Gauge Prototype Links

The Eureka Mill Railroad
A neat little 30" railroad that moved silver ore from the V&T RR at Santiago Canyon to the Eureka Mill, a little over a ile away.

Lennart's 30" Gauge Logging
This is a MUST SEE site for all those interested in U.S. 30" gauge prototypes. Lennart Elg has done us all a great service by making this material available. There's information on the Yosemite Short Line, Empire City Rwy., Sloat Lumber Co., and Molino Timber Co. Check it out!

30" Gauge Duchess Locomotive
Bruce Pryor has some photos of the 30" gauge Duchess locomotive before being re-gauged to 36" for the White Pass & Yukon RR. Bill Uffelman sent me this information about Duchess:
Duchess ran in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. The original RR was the Wellington Colliery Railway. Ran from Wellington to Departure Bay. Photos of the docks and such are in Vancouver Island Railroads by Robert Turner, published by Golden West Books (1973). The loco was regauged on Vancouver Island by the original owner according to Turner later sold to WP&Y.

30" Gauge 2-6-6-2 Mallet
Photos of a 2-6-6-2 30" gauge mallet built by the American Locomotive Works for the Serbian State Railway, also from Bruce Pryor.

The 30" Gauge Harbor Springs Railway
A history of Ephriam Shay's Harbor Springs Railway, including many great photographs. This would make a great prototype to model.

Steam Loco's in Java
Loads of photo's of steamers operating in the sugar mills of Java, including some 30" gauge.

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