On30 Project Ideas - By Glenn Hazel

Back in July Glenn Hazel sent me this list of ideas for On30 projects. I thought these would be of interest to all On30 modelers and Glenn gave his permission to post them. If you have some ideas for On30 projects, please send them to me. Enjoy!

On30 Project Ideas

I have been dawdling in On30 for maybe 8 years. I haven't yet fully
completed a project. But here are some of what I started. Not in any
order of doing such.

1. I took a Berkshire Valley O gauge speed and made an On30 powered one.
I used the power unit from a Bachman HO SF Cable car. Very little
modifiaction to speeder. Power unit is a snug fit. It's a smooth runner
now. In fact can pull 4 of my On30 cars. Before could barely move
itself. I was only curious, used rubber band to connect.

2. Narrowed an Atlas O Plymouth diesel. Took out head light width,
"Plymouth" is now one word. Built new cab back and roof. Runs on HO S-1
Athearn or Atlas) chassis. EMD trucks just don't look right.

3. Chopped Atlas bobber caboose. Currently on two Roco HO RP25 wheel
sets, but needs to be 'trucked' to run on 15" curves.

4. I may go to hell. I converted two AF hoppers to On30. No major
surgery (yet) other than creating bolsters and coupler mounts. But they
are wide, may need to narrow. I got the idea from the Manchester Mini
Bunch, now?????.

5. Also kitbashing Revell (not ConCor or AHM) Enginehouse into O Scale.
Raising bottom of walls 3/4". Replacing small man doors with O scale. I
have to rethink standards now. Stock engine house door are too narrow
for steamer and diesel.

6. Working on rebuilding an MDC Circus 0-6-0 (yardsale $5) into 2-6-2.
Has new cab, needs tender. Loco, with tender, is longer than engine
house. Made need rethinking for one or both.

7. Using MDC Old Time Boxcar 34' fishbelly, not truss rod, underframes
for bases for cars.

8. Planning to bash Walther's HO Bank into O scale. Replacing front door
only. Theory: Tellers on upper floor with large windows, offices n such

9. Have several Ertl etc, period vehicle. One truck will have NWSL Flea
power. I need to find my MEW HO Grasse River logging caboose trucks for
front wheels.

10. Atlas HO Water Tank tank is of sufficent size for Narrow gauge tank.

11. HO tank car converted to On30. Cemented O roof walk directly to HO
deck and added I-beam around perimeter.

12. I have 2 O Hawk SF Cable Car kits. I am going to make one a railbus
using the HO cable car power unit. I have a 1/4 radiator.

13. Thought about using Athearn Baby Hi-Cubes as basis for modern box
car. Would have to widen and build new ends. It's a thought for more
modern running. I also have two Athearn 2-bay Hopper Cars that are fat.
Could also make reasonable modern cars.

14. I also have Grandtlines Dummy body kit. I plan to put it over an
NWSL HO Class A Climax. I need to find a suitable interior. Climax has a
vertical boiler whose stack conveniently matches with hole in roof.
Smooth runner, but SLOW!.   

Food for thought. I see a lot of diesels and plans on the site (Ugh), no
one seems to be using NWSL underfloor power trucks or the PDT units.
Thes are fine running units. Or what about MDC's boxcab, noisy, but a
good runner.

And what about steam, anybody try MDC's Shay, or even their 'Climax'.

Enough of my ramblings. I briefly scanned your website. I know my stuff
is not complete yet. I wrote it down to give others ideas to try. I
think your site could use an "Idea Page" to give others ideas that we
have used, like my speeder.


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