On30 Mogul to Prairie Conversion

By Eric Skinner

Eric Skinner, a UK On30 modeler, did a conversion of the Bachmann Mogul 2-6-0 to a Prairie 2-6-2. Here's how he did it:

F/H sketch of mods to cab floor rear support brackets and shape of new extension floor,Centre piece of 'E' shape front butts up to boiler backhead. Shows strip as spacers between the floors,but I used 1/4 x 3/16 plastic tube for greater gluing surface and strength. Slots made with standard hacksaw blade,just right for plastic used for extension floor

Before any work,I did a trial by moving truck to rear and used last hole on wheel keep-plate as pivot point.Ran engine to and fro round my loop with 15" curves without trouble without spring.With spring included the truck derailed moving from curve to straight track.The bow of the spring was fouling on tender drawbar pivot boss. In conversion the complete tab has been removed altho I used a truck from an old Hornby OO loco without a spring.

Rear view showing construction of extension. Tube ends later fitted with cover plates. Indent panel between doors on cab rear wall removed to open up rear of cab. Have fitted a front coupler to a Mogul and with this have pushed or pulled various Bach stock around loop with no trouble. This installation was used to determine length of extension. Distance between front coupler and front axle = distance between rear axle and rear coupler.

The end result. Cut down original domes and reseated to curve of tank. Headlamp bracket cropped and lamp moved back. Pump relocated to front of tank.

Backup light fitted and cab roof painted "house" color.

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