Scratchbuilt Air Pump by Mauro Longarini

Building an Air Pump for a Bachmann Locomotive

Mauro scratchbuilt this neat little air pump for use on a Bachmann On30 Climax. He shows us how he did it with these step-by-step photo's:

I began with an aluminum 0.5 cm tube. I cut it from a television antenna. It's a cheap and good material because you can cut it easy.

I cut 2 pieces. In one of these I make the horizontal lines using that knife (I don't know exact name) used to cut metal. (Nippers? - Ed.)

Slowly, without using excessive power, you can make lines and simulate the "radiator".

I join the two pieces with two littles pieces of copper, making 4 holes.

Then, with littles pieces of paper (came from a cigarette box) I do the rear panel, the frontal reniforce, the frontal label, and the top details.

On rear I made a hole to fix a copper tube usefull to fix the pump on the locomotive.

Before make the two holes for pipes lines (one to the air tank, one to the boiler) I was looking where I'll fix my air pump, just to decide in which side of the pump I'll need to make the holes. At last I used copper pipes lines and painted all with black Tamiya flat.

Ok, I hope you understand what I write. But is better have a look to the photos

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