Zacariah Jacobs'

An O Scale Diorama by Mike Lynch

Mike had this one for sale on ebay. He writes:

This is ZACHARIAH JACOBS structure diorama #437 that I have built. This is scratch built and a one of a kind structure.

The concept was imagineered strictly by taking that barrel roll facade and designing the rest of it; to create what you see here

The base size of this is 8 inches across the front x 12 inches long.; I made this as tight as possible so as not to waste valuable layout space.

The base has a 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch opening in the middle of the structure so that you can easily get your hands inside and place items such as decoration or signs behind the glass frontage.

The roof is REAL COPPER from Builders in Scale that has been treated with special liquids just as they did in the old days to make the roof go that lovely verigated green. A little Bragdons evened it out.

The ground cover is simplistically done using Woodland Scenics products so that you can easily blend this into your existing layout.

Look at those walls., made of USA gypsum hydrocal white dental plaster.........what incredibal brickwork.....those bricklayers should be strung up...the whole sides have sags......dips.....broken bricks.......buckles.

Checkout that one of a kind fading in the colouring of the brickwork. Look at both sides. Does it get any better than this? Not that I have ever seen. I believe these were originally Trains of Texas castings.

This structure could have a multitude of possiblities could be...hardware store....general store, ladies clothing store, habidashery, restaurant eatery, drug store apothicary;, mining supplier, auto parts supplier.........its what ever your needs or imagination want it to be.

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