A Day at the Vets

This little beauty is loosely based on Tom Yorke's Dr. Gordon's kit.

The stone foundation is a hydrocal casting made from a mold made from Woodland Scenics latex.

The paint effect of a whitewashed building is what Mike calls his triple white painting technique.

Mike describes his triple white painting technique: "I use floquil brand solvent based paints.I used driftwood stain as the base, you can substitute grime as the driftwood has been discontinued since 96 ? This was followed by a wash of antique white thinned by dipping a brush 3/8" wide flat tip into solvent and then into the paint, brushing down on the board & batten siding and across on the clapboard once only. I then mixed some antique white & reefer white together in a small aluminum tart holder and applied same way. Followed by an almost dry brush technique application of the reefer white to finish."

What you see is how it turned out, almost as a faded whitewash effect. Could I duplicate it again? It would be a real test of my painting skills. I think I got lucky." .

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