Rotterdam Junction Station

Mike writes:

"This is based on John Allen's famous gorre and daphetid RR in HO scale, "cross junction station. This is scratch built except for windows and doors from grandt line."

Mike found the plans for the station in a magazine article with sizes and pictures.

"the plans were virtually useless as nothing was working and i basically re-designed the thing....adding and subtracting things which did not fit or work.

"Looked easy enough, no problem get this out in 14 days or less."

Well the 2 weeks were the time period all right...JUST TO DO THAT DAMN ROOF, cutting and applying all those real wood shingles one at a time. Because the pictures i had were black and white from the fifties and the customer wanted it done in his rr colours we managed to get thru it .

"Since i built this in O, an actual HO kit has been released of this fabulous 2 level station and its a beauty. Because the name is copyrighted by john allens estate the name cross junction could not be used by the kit maker and it escapes me at this time the name of it."

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