Quentin Cornelius Tweedelle's

An O Scale Diorama by Mike Lynch

Mike writes:

This O scale structure diorama is all scratch built using mt albert...northeastern scale lumber..grandt line windows doors and lamp shades...BIS..hamm river chimney and other products.

This is one of the largest dioramas i have constructed........being 16" wide x 22" long, it stands a magnificent 11 1/4" tall.

The Q C Tweedelle structure is either a flour and grain mill or a small woodworking furniture maker.....justified by the dust collectors.

The original design for this was done in HO by George Sellios of fine scale miniatures and is his kit design #295 fox run milling company issued in dec 1997.

I decided to blow this single part of the main structure into O scale.....the base its on is 16" wide x 23" long.......if the whole diorama design would be replicated in O it would be 24" wide x 36--40" long.

I made many subtle changes to georges design....like adding the rafters to under the extended end and moving the posts inside the main walls. I widened the stairs to make them more dramatic rather than uitilitarian.

All the dust collectors are actually HO items which are very large HO items and work good as small collectors.

I used a combination of northeastern scale lumber clapboard sidings and Mt Albert scale lumber.

The chimney is from Hamm river in resin........roofing is builders in scale as is the corregated........grocery store paper bag for tar paper. All paint is floquil solvent based.....and the yellowy colour u see is actually a combination of of 4 shades applied to achieve that look of faded , weathered paint.

The stairs are from banta model works and are a fabulous item to work with..allowing a jig to make it 2 ft wide or 6 ft wide stairs. Massive time saver. Thank u bill banta.

The tarpaper roof was painted roof red floquil, then dust collectors and pipes added then tar lines done with floquil grimey black and very small brush.< bragdons wearing powders were then applied in dark burnt ash for streaking of tar.........then a soot colour was applied overall of that to make it dusty./p>

The shingled areas are the real thing....i use veneer, then i hand cut and apply one at a time..then treat with leather dye and alcohol.

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