The Pugwump Buildings

Mike writes: "I actually built 3 versions of the Pugwump building simultaneously, each with its own specific roofline and siding. I thought it was an interesting experiment."

Pugwump Building No. 1

"One was built using Northeastern board and batten O scale siding."

Pugwump Building No. 2

"One was built using cardstock with Campbell HO corrugated siding applied over the top."

Pugwump Building No. 3

"The last was done with 1/8" clapboard siding."

"My own personal favorite is the clapboard sided one with all the Hamm River boxes and baskets with the veggies inside."

Editor's Note: Here are some of the details that Mike painted up and included with Pugwump Building No. 3. They are made by Michael Yoakam of Hamm River Productions.

Look at the beautiful rust effect that Mike obtained on this metal roof. Here's how he did it:

"Okay making rusty metal roofs.......madmike's way:

Here are some comparison photo's of all three buildings:

"I think I would like to do something else in 3 versions of one basic design again as it was fun and a challenge at the same time."

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