The Porter Enginehouse

The Porter Enginehouse was one of Mike's entries in the recent On30 Modeling Contest.

He used the walls from a Banta On30 engine house kit as the starting point and made everything else different from the kit in some way.

Mike writes: "Seeking to do something different I eliminated the kits lazer cut windows and doors in order to make this different from anyone elses build."

"The hydrocal stone was coloured using a specific mixture of alcohol and higgins india ink. This is different from the other i built porter eh #1 in which the stone was coloured using a mixture of tea and coffee. The roofing on this was first etched with an acid and then bragdon pigments brushed into it for that very rusty look."

"This structure also lifts off its base and can be heavily detailed with tools and such. There are 3 scratch built work benchs inside but i ran out of details."

"Zeke dropped by to see his fellow PUGWUMP BROTHERS, busily getting wood ready for the wood burning porters next outing. He brought his pet oinker along, ezekial, as they are out looking for the 3 doggies that have gone missing."

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