Pioneer Seed & Corn

Mike writes: "Pioneer Seed and Corn was built from a picture supplied by someone having the structure built for his layout."

Editor's note: Here's the photo that was provided to Mike to use as a guide for building this model. It looks to me like a photo of Perkins' Produce, a well known structure that was built by Earl Smallshaw and featured in the Dec. 1974 issue of Model Railroader.

"The wood walls are all Northeastern scale lumber 1/8" spacing. Nail holes were applied and various boards were lifted to age the building."

All plastic windows and doors are from Grandt Line. Wood freight doors are scratch built. The roof is raised seam aluminum from Builders in Scale/C. C. Crow. It's been acid etched and finished with worked in Bragdon pigments for the green patina look."

Editor's Note: It looks like Zeke Pugwump has stopped by to pick up some feed for his critters (not the RR kind). He's brought his dogs and pet pig with him.

"This is one of three structures I built for this person, which are all meant to go into a hillside location with the shipping docks for the Porters railside on each one."

"The hydrocal walls are from a kit that I made a mold of and chopped to size. I only had pictures of the front and used a lot of created features for the back which will be hard to see, but couldn't just build something boring!"

"This one had a hand cut, individually applied birch veneer roof, that was washed with fiebings leather dye and alcohol."

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