Flagstop Stations

Mike writes: "The flagstop stations were just built as an exercise. Take a basic design and see how much you can make each slightly different, enough so that they were each distinctive."

Station #1

"I remember one had railroad tie brown used as the main colour with the C. C. Crow / Builders in Scale roofing that was treated and then Bragdon pigments for the rusty look."

"The side roof is nothing more than heavy paper bags cut to 3 ft wide scale strips, painted with weathered black and pigment dusted for added weathering."

"The chimney is from Grandt Line as are the windows and entrance door. Wood siding is from Northeastern scale lumber, nail holes applied using a pounce wheel from Vintage Reproductions. The clapboards were distressed using a wallpaper knife. All the decking is Mt. Albert scale lumber."

Station #2

"The reddish one with the wainscotting is done with the usual treatment of nail holes, lifted clapboards, fadeaway paint technique for a well worn but not filthy look."

"I somehow lost my mind temporarily and did a real wood birch veneer, hand cut and applied one at a time, shingle roof. I coloured it with a special mix of leather dyes and alcohol followed by some Bragdon pigment for smoke weathering."

" The side roof was the usual metal chemically treated and Bragdon pigmented.........i love that stuff, it's so easy to do and the final effect is outstanding. Both of these dioramas have been sold."

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