Dunkirks 1 & 2

As Built by Mike Lynch

well folks after messing around for 2 weeks i finally got around to assembling these 2 boulder valley dunkirk kits..........closed design and open sided design. These are for the evil PUGWUMP BROTHERS logging and mining works.

I elected to colour paint them as opposed to weathered wood look....but we still weathered them. i used floquil solvent based paints. The wood floor is painted full strength earth colour......after its dry i go back and use floquil railroad tie brown....dip brush in thinner then into paint and let it cover the area.....like a stain wash. After its all dry i used a wash of alcohol and higgins india ink to settle into the cracks and surface imperfections to hi-lite them.

The green colour is my custom mix funky green and the light colour is depot olive with grime and reefer or antique white added. I added the neat multi pane grandt line leaded style window on the open sided front of the cab design...basically i tried to hack the wood panel out of it and busted it up big time. Marine corps unit to the rescue.......hoo-rah "adapt and overcome"....think it looks pretty good in there.

Roof is builders in scale O scale corregated roofing that been acid etched.......natural rusted no bragdons. the boiler/water pot sections were bragdon pigmented. One stack is stock whereas the large stack is a wiseman berass unit that needs rusting.

Antlers small are from dave braun at the back shoppe..............mooooooosie head is from bill roy mackenzie iron and steel. Real wood load is from fallen branches from my backyard.

There are 2 diff sets of hand rails on the front............i got these off the now scrap sw7 body, drilled some micro holes cut excess length and bingo we have enough for all the front. Now i need to make a couple of grab rails for the cab and steps too.

These are i consider 80-90% done.......i need some drivers....and i only have one athearn sw7 drive unit, plus i need to add some more details like tool boxes too roof area , maybe a saw or 2 too the sides and definately get some decals made for -----pugwump brothers logging mining.......yee haw.


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