The BOOOOOville Pumpkin Party

An On30 Halloween Diorama

Here's a nifty diorama scrathbuilt by Mike. I really like this one. I'll let Mike tell it in his own words:

The booooooville pumpkin party diorama......came about as the result of a contest on an english website-----.all model railroading --- run by paul templar. The theme was halloween and there was a full month to do it.

I already had the structure made for myself. Its based on a set of pictures of an HO scale kit made by timberline called the granite depot.....i always loved that look and never had the kit.........but i had the ad and some pictures of built up ones to go by. It was an ordeal to build it and one of the more difficult i have attempted, not sure why, just the way i remember it.

I do know i went thru and awful lot of grandt line ; windows....doors...widows walk iron work.....eaves brackets.....gabel brackets. A lot of wood went into the structure and the decking.

I used TULLE wedding viel material behind some of the windows, as a lace curtain type effect.

The main roof is made from builders in scale raised seam roofing and acid etched and dullcoated..not sure, was a while ago. It would need to be bragdon pigmented to finish it off as i was not using those at the time this was built.

The shed roof is paper bags , cut and painted to represent tar paper. The porch roofs are made using real veneer cut into scale shingles and applied one at a time, a favourite roof treatment of mine. The chimney in the rear is actually an HO item that is wildly oversize for HO but perfect for O.

The people and animals are mostly arttista and aardvark arts.......plus some other makes. Trucks are 1/4" scale berkshire valley. The pumpkins are an item i picked up on a trip to michaels crafts and asked the clerk for help in searching them out of their stock. They were actually red apples which i re-painted orange using either floquil rust colour or S P daylight orange ??? I mounted them on toothpicks stuck into styrofoam.

There was about 10 entries in the contest and the members of the website voted for their favorite......which was this one. I have never offered this one for sale as its for my own model railroad if i ever get around to building one.............mike lynch

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