The Boondocks Garage

The Boondocks Garage is one of Mike's scratchbuilt O scale structures.

Mike writes: "The details on the BONNDOCKS GARAGE are....I had built this one once before in a blue colour and decided to build another, this time in 3 shades of white all layered over each other and some floquil reefer white drybrushing for highlights."

"The walls are all Northeastern scale lumber in 1/8 spacing clapboard using their special AGED clapboard which has a little deeper clap. Nail holes are put in with a pounce wheel used in dressmaking. The clapboards are lifted randomly using a single edge razor blade from Stanley."

"The strip wood used at the top and rear of facade is Mt. Albert O scale lumber , which is weathered using a mixture of leather dye and alcohol for that silvery look. I use Fiebings USMC BLACK, 2 ink squirters full to a large airbrush bottle."

"The trucks are from Berkshire Valley, as is the gas pump area items. The scrap pile with car in it and the scrap pile behind the wood fence are also Berkshire Valley. Person...zeke pugwump and doggies are from Aarvark Arts."

"The roofing is from C. C. Crow/Builders in Scale and is acid etched and then brushed with Bragdon pigments dark rust. All the windows and rear door are Grandt Line as is the roof stack. Front tall garage door is scratch built with Grandt hinges installed and rusted. Most of the barrels and crates are from Hamm River productions."

"The most difficult part for anybody to identify is the wire mesh fence surrounding the area.....this is made from a product called TULLE and is used primarily as wedding veil material. It works perfectly in O scale, I use the rust colour as attempting to paint this would make a complete mess !!!!"

"I scratch built this diorama over a 7 day period.

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