Archibald Hoogaveen's

Built by Mike Lynch

Here's another beautiful diorama scrathbuilt by Mike. It's an automotive repair business, machine shop and parts supply. Mike had this one up for sale on ebay, and the text is from that description with some slight editing:

From the studio of madmike3434 comes this, my # 438th structure diorama. This is ARCHIBALD HOOGAVEEN and its made in 1/4 inch 1.48 O scale.

This is scratch built and a one of a kind. The base size is 15' w x 22' L. I have cut a 5" square hole in the middle of the base plywood inside the building in case somebody wants to place a speaker for sounds inside.

This structure sat at 65% done on a side shelf for the last 2 years. The original vision for this was as a small boat repair/builder at waters edge , along with an overhead traveling crane or a boat saddle buggy made from a logging buggy sitting in the water on sunken rails with a pulley system to haul the boats out. Great concept but that would have made this a 32--40" long diorama.

This structure is constructed with northeastern wood clapboard siding that i have applied nail head impressions too and have heavily distressed weathered the boards.

Most of the windows and doors are grandt line and the large doors are scratch built.

The roofing is all builders in scale and has been chemically treated by myself to give that totally naturel rusted finish, it has not been sealed nor dullcoated.....bragdon's pigments were only used on the furnace stacks and a line on the roof.

The ground cover was simplistically done so that you can easily blend this into your existing layout using woodland scenics materials.

The staircase was made using banta model works stair set kit, the railings;, post , decking , were all made using Mt. Albert scale lumber.

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