The Howard,Fine,& Howard Mining Company

A subsidiary of the Wossamotta and Toulouse R.R.

A beautiful On30 mining layout in a mere 3' x 3' space!

Built by Ken Trossen

Ken Trossen has been gracious enough to share with us some photo's of his fantastic On30 layout, the Howard,Fine,& Howard Mining Company. So, come along with us as we see just how Ken managed to fit such a beautiful layout in a space only 3' x 3'.

Construction starts, Ken used Woodland Scenics risers.

The turntable is installed. Ken writes: "I used an Atlas "N" scale TT. Wood blocks are glued to the outer ring and a new floor of wood was glued down. The very center is open, about 1.5 " circular. A wood support pillar under the bridge is glued to the original floor and jumper wires are soldered from the "N" rails up to the rail on the bridge. On this one no detail of the center race was made, can't see it well anyway. Of course an "HO" can be used,but I had little space."

"Foam insulation carved with pencil soldering iron."

The Corbomite mine today.

"My Boss, a real ogre to work for!"

"Illegal aliens have been taking all the good jobs."

"Bassett Express."

"Turn Table converted from Atlas "N" scale."

"Original floor under wood floor on risers."

"Visible floor doesn't turn, only bridge"

"Bachmann Porter motive power."

Side view of mine.


"Teetering Rock (attached by spring at base)"


Ken writes: "One thing I wanted to add to the site was that the layout has a Fantasonics Engineering CD soundtrack installed in it. It's called Small Time Mine and has the sounds of blasting and other mine sounds plus snoring in the bunkhouse and a banjo player.It also has background birds, animals and wind.:

Ken runs a hobby shop in Rolla, Missouri:

Rolla Hobby
1009a Pine St
Rolla, MO 65401

Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:00pm

If you would like to send Ken an email, Click Here!

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