The Pump House

Built by Ken Burney

The Pump House is a project that almost didn't get finished. I broke the casting for the front wall and just kind of tossed the project to the side. While cleaning off my work bench I found the walls and thought to myself "Hey lets finish this thing".

The construction is very simple. I will not go into how to carve Hydrocal (if you would like a good on line clinic about this go to the C.C.Crow website. I carved the four walls to a stone pattern.

When ever I build anything I think "How would the person who built this for real have done it"? When I carve rock I try to put the big stones at the bottom so as my "mason" will not have to lift the big ones so high. If you keep this in the back of you mind as you build any structure, or even something a simple as a gate or door, you will have a much more convincing model when you get finished.

The door is just a bit of scribed wood with some bracing glued on. The door latch is a cut down spike. The roof is made of .100" matt board. I cut the edge of the matt board to be perpendicular to the ground so the trim would look right. The trim is strip styrene that I cut to fit. After the trim was on I painted the under side of the eaves and trim. The roofing material is K&S corrugated aluminum that was "rusted" with PC board etching liquid. Side note don't do this in your wife's kitchen no matter how careful you think you can be.

To finish the model I stained the walls with an India ink and alcohol mix. When coloring rock I always start with dark colors and move to light. Then I stated dry brushing the rocks until I came up with something that made me happy. Sorry I donít have any details on how I accomplished this because I donít know. All I can tell you I started with a few blobs of craft paint that were black, white, grey, terracotta, brown, umber, and green. If you get the basic colors and just start dry brushing you will be amazed at how the rocks will pop out of no where. After I got the rock color done I dry brushed a little green around the bottom the show where moss and other small plant life had started growing on the rock. Don't get too carried away with this you just want to barley see it, I found that people donít see it but they can tell if it is there.

This is a photo of my 3 1/2 year old working on staining the Hydrocal. He will be quite a railroader some day.

Ken is planning on releasing a kit based on this structure. For more details, contact Ken.

Ken Burney
2515 Jayme Cir
Conway, AR 72032

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