Octoraro and Furnace Bay Railroad

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Part 3

Our layout tour of GWBill's Octoraro & Furnace Bay continues:

The south end of Sunrise Yard - this is along a 25' wall and begins from where the last part left off heading north on the RR. We are coming into Sunrise Yard (a play-on of Rising Sun) which is a 3-track yard with branch lines going off each of the back ends. Going off the south end - the line will proceed to Battle Swamp in the corner and a huge cannery. There will also be a couple of industries along the line. Battle Swamp was a real area in Cecil Co. that had several canning factories until the biggies bought them up and put them out of business (for real!!!)

Sunrise will have Queen Street crossing the tracks on the south side and King Street crossing the tracks on the north side. At the back we have Nob Hill - with a one way street from King to Queen streets. Along the front will be a passenger station and a building or two. It fronts a street that is in the isle and not modeled.

North end of Sunrise Yard - you can see the start of King Street and the front track that heads into PA and the back track which heads towards Sylmar and an oil depot (Sylmar is also a real place name made from the "syl" in PA and the "mar" in MD) and is right on the Mason-Dixon Line.

South end of Nob Hill - where all the IHC houses I am working on will go. The pink area will be a park. Note the retaining wall along the RR tracks.

North end of Nob Hill - the pink area will be a town owned lot with a maintenance shed and the town water tower.

Octoraro creek - note it is sealed with caulk. The sides will be built up and crooked befitting a creek and have rocks and the usual creek stuff and Envirotex water (which is why it is sealed). There will be two RR bridges over the creek.

Heading into PA - the front main line will curve on up into the town of Octoraro along the far wall and the rear line will go into Sylmar. Note the bridge attempt. I am using some cheap bridge kits that I am detailing and this was an experiment - I now know how and what to add to make it more realistic and very similar to several of the RR bridges in the Rising Sun area.

This completes part three of the tour - more to come.

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