Octoraro and Furnace Bay Railroad, Part Two

Built by GWBill

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Part 2:

Our layout tour of GWBill's Octoraro & Furnace Bay continues:

We now move through the main control area where many transformers and switch power devices are for both the On30 and the O above to the Principio Yards - looking south. The line from the wharf comes through the control area (there will be a sky backdrop on it) under a bridge for the return loop from Podepo - which had to be redone as my D-cellgator ran into the sides.

I also am widening the curve from 18" to 19" the tightest mainline curve. The yard track continues through to a passing siding nearest the backdrop and has three yard tracks towards the left - the furthest to the left will also come back towards the viewer to an engine house. The switch under the bridge will have a Peco switch machine on it - all others will be hand thrown. Note that in the space under the "hole" in the sky the RR runs to Perryville and out (not modeled) and this part of the return loop returns to the junction.

The next pix shows the yard again - believe it or not this was all finished with Atlas track and switch machines but I tore it all out to use Peco.

The next pix is Bainbridge Junction - the start of the return loop and the middle track of the three tracks goes to the Principio Yards. Trains will ALWAYS run to the right going around the loop and will back into the yards after making the loop so the engine is headed correctly for the return trip. I always want my locos heading front first and with cabeese on the rear. Note the expanse of space will be a cabin court opening onto Rt.40.

The next pix is the U.S. Rt. 40 overpass as we now start our northbound trip.

The next pix is where a gas station will be - that is the base. Lots of scenery to be done on all the areas seen so far.

The last pix is a view from behind the wharf back drop showing this section of the layout. Note the O scale base above and the O controls on the back drop.

This completes this portion of the tour - more to come. As noted I have a LOT - I say a LOT of work yet to do. - cheers!

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