Furnace Bay and Octoraro Railroad - Part One:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Built by GWBill

The tour starts at the outside of the layout which is Podepo (which is the way locals pronounce Port Deposit). These are the first two pix.

This is also part of the reverse loop at this end. The unfinished water tower is too big for this area and will be relocated and a smaller one placed by the station. More buildings and detail to be added. The "holes" in the sky backdrop will be somehow disguised - probably with trees and vines

Next we go to the other side and start at the wharf with the next five pix.

The wharf is split in half by a backdrop so just 1/2 of the wharf and wharf building are modeled. The tug boat has to be finished and waterlined and then will be anchored about where it is. The "water" was a disaster and will be redone. Note the edge of the water has a banister rail and is very solid as I found myself constantly leaning on it and figured others would as well. This section is about 5' long by 30" wide. There is a switch at the beginning of the wharf and two tracks on it. The tracks are wired and operational. One to serve the wharf building - note the doors and one to service the wharf. The wharf has (too many) cut and glued individual "planks". The piling sides are a cast urethane. The building is scratch with Luan, Balsa and metal tape for the rood stressed to look corrugated. There is a lot more detail to be added including a sign on the roof.

In the second pix is the north end where the town of Furnace Bay is - it will just be 3D building flats with a street. The area to the middle is a Flatulene receiving station. There will be a pump house with pipes going down to a small pier and out to an off shore unloading facility. There will be the large oil tanks and a tank car loading station. I will be making foam berms around the tanks. The track doubles as a programming track and is fully operational. The switch to the track has a Peco switch machine and will have a throw switch on the fascia to the right.

The pix of the wharf building named for Steve Fisher of The Deep Run RR fame and the MD Rail Baron is to show that I have a lot of detailing to do - lights, signs, door handles, etc.

The next pix in the main control panel - now with Atlas DCC - soon to be Lenz. The Atlas has a control on it - the Lenz doesn't so there is a panel plug for a handheld which will also be a programming handheld. Note the layout is now divided into three sections with switches for each. I may add a fourth when I wire my TT. It will also have one of Tony's circuit breakers wired in as soon as I get to it. Note also the programming booster. This is where all the layout power comes from. There are multiple handheld outlets around the layout so you can follow your train or switch a yard.

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