The Eureka Mill Railroad

Eureka Mill RR Porter No. 1
The Eureka Mill RR was a 30" narrow gauge line located in Nevada. It ran for a little over a mile transporting silver ore from the Virginia & Truckee RR at Santiago to the Eureka Mill. For more information about the EMRR see the article The Eureka Mill Railroad in the Nov/Dec 1987 issue of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette.

News About the Eureka Mill Railroad

Doug Rowe, a fellow member of the On30 Conspiracy, told me that Peter Davidson had posted a very interesting message about the Eureka Mill Railroad Porter No. 1 on the HOn30 Yahoo Group. I contacted Peter and he was kind enough to write the following and allow me to publish it here.

Great News Fellow HOn30 Modelers, NG Logging and Mining Enthusiasts and Historians, and especially to my fellow "Left Coasters"

The Eureka Mill Railroad 30 Inch Porter #1 0-4-0, has been found, and located as having been restored, and on display.

The Eureka #1, a 30" gauge Porter 0-4-0, is the same restored engine that has been renamed "Dinky," that is on display in Chester, California. It sits in a town park nearby the entrance to Collins Pine Lumber Mill.

It was apparently found in the Mud at the bottom of the nearby Butt Valley Reservoir in 1996, when the Reservoir was drained for maintenance on the Dam. It seems that Eureka #1 was used in the construction of the Dams both at Butt Valley, and earlier at what is, nearby Lake Almanor. It was restored and displayed in 1999.

I photographed, surveyed and measured "Dinky" this past fall, on a research trip to Chester and this part of the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the North Fork of the Feather River. I am designing a NG Logging Railroad diorama, that I am modeling in HOn30, as part of an oral history project that I am doing with my father, who coincidentaly grew up in Chester. His father, my grandfather, originally a concrete sculptural mason in the bay area, ended up building some trestles and bridges for the nearby standard gauge logging railroad lines of the hugh Red River Lumber Co. out fit. His name was Frank "Scotty" Davidson.

Front View of EMRR Porter No. 1 © Peter Davidson

Side Elevation of EMRR Porter No. 1 © Peter Davidson

I am able share this news about Eureka #1, after confirming this discovery by cross referencing data in Mallory Hope Ferell's wonderful article on "The Eureka Mill Railroad" in the current issue (Nov. / Dec.'05) of Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.

I couldn't have confirmed this discovery this easily without Mallory's wonderful current article, and I am told there is another article of his coming in the next (Jan. / Feb.'06) issue of N G & S L Gazette that pertains to all of this. I am eager to read more!

Also I wish to thank Al Sardinia of B & F Hobby who as of early December having just received the current NG Gazette, told me of the article on the Euerka Mine 30" Railroad by Mallory Hope Ferrell. Al knew I'd be interested, as he had heard me talk about having located, photographed and measured a NG Restored 0-4-0 Porter engine in the Northern Sierra Mountain's, in the late fall of '05.

I plan on producing a drafted scale drawing of the Eureka #1, as none of other drawings published are accurate of the real locomotive according to the publishers after seeing my photographs.

As I am a professional set designer on Hollywood films, I plan on putting my creativity into these drawings. As I have done for many films, thus I will create a beautiful set of drafted elevations that in addition for modeling information, will be suitable for framing as a medium size poster. It will be ready my mid-spring '06 as likely sell for +/- $20 with shipping. If you wish further information about the Eureka #1 0-4-0 Drafted Elevations, you can contact: Peter Davisdon.

Peter Davidson
Remember when it Comes to California, it's not just about the Cheese!

My thanks to Peter for sharing this news about the EMRR with us.

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