Fisherman's Bend

Built by Evan James

Part One - Cross Street

This is a model of an actual building - the Willard Service Station name is real, the rest are friends - and me. It is made from 3mm mdf, the windows are PET plastic with the dividers drawn in with a Pentel silver Paint Pen. The block wall is made from my own paper photocopied from a photo of a perimeter wall at the Auckland prison. It is pasted over roughly laid plaster to give it a 3D effect. The concrete wall on top was milled from sheets of model boat building rosewood and mahogany.

The shops are DPM modules with dolls house mouldings as the fancy bits. The power lines are EZY line, strung on scratch built poles with Berkshire Valley insulators.

The cinema is a combination of three handy to me. Drawn up in CAD first, several copies were printed out on 150gsm card and the various layers were then cut out and built up on a 3mm mdf base. Fancy bits are girls' costume jewellery and the lettering is from birthday cake decorations from the supermarket. The bus is a Russian made diecast.

These are based on real buildings. They are built with DPM modules, the fancy bits coming from dolls house 1/12th scale interior mouldings. The signs on the buildings were produced in Freehand on the computer.

Looking along Cross St. The vehicles are a collection of die casts picked up on Trade me, our equivalent of E.Bay. The lights are Bachmann Plasticville. The service station accessories are a mixture of The Model Company and a diorama from Die Cast Direct.

About the Building Flats

The Building Flats are hard up against the wall. The background colours are all painted with test pots of acrylic house paint, I just added a light purple as the image went higher to represent the hills fading away into the background. I used a foam roller for applying the paints.

Incidentally, just about everything on the layout is painted with those test pots, the rest is painted with auto primer out of a spray can.

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