Wiseman Shay Kit

Built by David Butler

"This is my interpretation of the Keith Wiseman 1920's Shay conversion Kit."

"It was my first foray into working with brass and I found my range of soldering irons couldn't cope - including a 100 watt instant heat gun! The only parts that got soldered were the backhead to the boiler. Everything else was glued using gap sealing CA !"

"The windows were built to open on both sides and front."

"The Air compressor and Tank were pinched from the Backwoods miniatures 0-6-0 conversion kit."

"The supplied bell was too big to sit in its frame correctly, so I pinched one from a Porter just drilled the top to fit the kits bell mount."

"The Stack top ( which I thought should have been supplied ) was made up from some aluminum car repair gauze and 40thou styrene - the catches were cut from Grandtline Freight door hinges."

"This photo shows the modified Version and my Bachmann original
( with added Compressor and Tank )."

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