EDM Tender Kit Modifications

by David Butler

David kitbashed these three tenders from the tender kits offered by Paul Martin's NGTRAINS.COM

3 EDM tenders in line astern!

    Looking from left to right we have:

  1. EDM tender Mk 1 - built as per kit instructions, but for the rear ledge - I used a Kadee draft box to support a styrene shelf and the toolbox from a Bachmann Shay

  2. No 2 tender was built the same as the first for another Porter, but then I saw a Allen Littlefield tender and decided to modify mine. This entailed chopping everything off below the Tender base - I glued a new floor deck to the original and used a Bachmann Mogul toolbox glued to the tender rear wall rear to hold an extension plate. Some wood off-cuts were used for the new end beams and I cut up a Bachmann Combine truck to fit over some scratch-built draft boxes. This one has a drawbar at the engine end to mate up to a Backwoods Miniatures 0-6-0 conversion. The log bunker extension was made from a Bachmann 2 -8 -0 supplied extension frame. The draft box ends were filed down versions from Pepper7 ( Black Dog Mining).

  3. My favorite! Paul Martin of EDM Models in York , England who makes these lovely little tenders and a lot more On30 stuff as well' kindly donated a new kit for me to bash. This one was built to take a Bachmann Car wheelset and utilised only the tender part of the kit - I made a new deck from 40thou styrene to give me an extended rear shelf and cut off the tender top flaring. The ladder was made from a piece of 7mm Laddering by Slaters - the toolbox was pinched from the Backwoods loco kit. The rerailers came off a BLI C16. Handrails are O scale (UK) stanchions and 20thou brass rodding. I also added some water valves made from the a couple of stanchions and 20 thou rod. Again the 2-8-0 frame was used for a bunker extension.

The 3 different load partitions - tenders 1 & 3 as per Paul's mold and #2 came from some evergreen siding - oh, the coal load was cut from a Mogul tender load - these are made by Garry Cerrone.

Here is the running gear of these little tenders. #2's truck was actully glued to the decking - in hindsight that was a bad move; # 3 tender uses a screw to enable me to replace the truck or wheels The single truck tenders use 40" HO wheels. You can see where I cut the truck end frames to accomodate the draft boxes - this alleviates any swinging caused by a loose mounting screw.

Here are closer views. Oh and that's a working rear light on tender #1.

The Bonus is what I made from the unused underframe from the #3 kit and a cut down C16 Oil tank.

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