Brian Wilson's Stubby Duck

The Banta Speeder Kit Meets an HO Bachmann San Francisco Cable Car

Brian writes:

"Following is my conversion of a Banta Speeder conversion of an HO Bachmann Cable Car. Would it be a kitbash of a kitbash? Great fun!

I have to acknowledge Dave Wingrove, by the way. He names his railcars after various waterfowl so I thought I'd carry on with it.

It wasn't difficult - I simply cut away the parts of the Speeder I didn't want (sides, roof and front) and built the kit per instructions. Same with the 44T hood although I reshaped the section inside the body, made a seat for the driver and drilled out the grill. I trimmed the floor around the hood at the front as well and faced the edges with styrene angle but it could have been left alone. I used the exhaust pipe from the kit and made a muffler from brass tubing. The trailer was made from a Miniatures By Eric 4 wheel box car. I painted and weathered both units using acrylics brushed on. And that was it!

I haven't added a lot of details yet - I think I'll look at it for a while till I get some inspiration."

Just follow along with the photo's to see how Brian accomplished this fantastic kitbash.

I also recommend checking out Brian's website, Sidney Micro. Brian specializes in micro layouts and has some fantastic layouts on display.

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