Glover Style Tender

By Allen Littlefield

Allen describes his Glover style tender:

"This will be attached to my first 0-6-0 conversion (Porter No.5) to replace the first tender I did. Jack Hess had an article in Light Iron Digest using passenger trucks for 4-wheel cars awhile back. Tank filler, stanchions for the fuel fence, tender stays, water leg valves and spigot are all either strip brass or castings."

"The photos should help any wishing to duplicate this effort. I built up the platform out of styrene. The tank is a MDC oldtimer HO tender tank that has been shortened and then split front to back and widened. I used a Bachmann On30 passenger truck with brakes and center leaf springs removed."

Allen posted these photo's to the On30 Conspiracy which generated the following questions, along with Allen's answers:

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