On30 Forney Bash

By Allen Littlefield

Allen writes:

"Let's start with the first On30 loco I ever attempted. This was back in 1986 and was published in the Gazette in the May/June issue 1987, pg. 56-57.".

"The mechanism used was an AHM 0-4-0 A3 switcher. Cab was scratch built from stripwood and styrene and the tender tank was a shim brass rivet embossed wrapper glued to a wood form. Domes are Tomalco Sn3 items. Whistle, bell and headlamp are On3 items."

"In that issue I quoted Gordon North when he said he "Cherishes the opportunity to do his own thing" with his On30 road and I think that quote sums up my On30 philosophy as well as any."

"This Forney was built when I was most interested in the Maine Two Footers. The mechanism runs lousy and has since quit. Also since at the time I only had straight track, when it ran at all it did OK in a staight line. I later tried it out on curved track and since the rear truck is not on a pivot, it would not go around a curve. That leads me to one of my more brilliant observations; " You can't make anything if you can't make a mistake" and you can quote me on that."

"I then drifted off into Sn2 using HOn3 mechanisims to model in that scale. Evidence of that can be found in the July/Aug. 1987 Gazette where I have pics of locos and rolling stock."

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