First Bachmann HO 0-6-0 to On30 Bash

By Allen Littlefield

Allen writes:

"This is my first Bachmann HO 0-6-0 switcher to On30 kitbash. I used an MDC Roundhouse HO 0-6-0T tank switcher which is larger than the Bachmann tank to realize this model. I also used the MDC HO diamond stack (modified of course) from their Old Timer 2-8-0 series."

"Since MDC is now transiting to Atheran an is in somewhat of a flux, it has been hard trying to get parts. Plus I think they (MDC) has changed the part numbers before the buyout. Whatever the case, I used just the boiler front/smokebox and tank after removing the HO cab."

"I fitted a Bachmann Porter On30 cab but a Banta cab would do just as well. Grandt line bell and backhead detail were utilized. The domes are Sn3 Tomalco items. I have found that many S and HO parts can be used in some applications and part of the joy in freelancing is the finding of the right part to fit the model. The HO chassis has large cylinders that are quite acceptable in O and the drivers measure 24" in O scale so they are within specs for smaller Porter and Glover type engines as 24" dirvers are options listed in their catalogs. The tender was built on a HO Bobber Caboose 4-wheel chassis and is now being replaced by the Glover style tender that I am currently working on."

"The Bachmann HO 0-6-0T mechanism is a great basis for small, industrial backwoods locos and lends itself to much kitbashing. I will share two other locos I have bashed up using this mechanism in the future. Also a six coupled critter with side rod in place could be made from this mechanism but that is another day."

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