Bashing an S Scale SW-1 to On30

By Alan Carroll

Alan writes:

"I have had this idea of regauging an S scale locomotive for quite some time and one day while looking over the Showcase Line website I found a picture of the underside of a SW-9 under Convert SW-9 to DC."

"This picture gave me enough information to determine that converting one of these to On30 track gauge should be possible. I next purchased 2 of these on eBay. These retail for $199.95 or 224.95, DCC, no sound."

"When the first one arrived I converted it immediately. When the second one arrived I took my time doing the conversion and took the pictures shown here."

(Editor's Note: The following photos show the steps in Alan's conversion and should be self explanatory)

Measurements of the SW-1 in O scale:

Length over the pilot footsteps 32'-3"

Width 7'-6"

Hood width 5'-4"

Cab side height 6'-0'

Cab side width 4'-10"

"I hope some of you will try this conversion. Whatever works for you as long as you are having fun."

"Here are some additional pictures of my first unit completed. I did not do a lot of kitbashing to this unit as to keep the conversion simple. Much more can be done to these models."

"If anyone has any questions they can contact me directly.

Editor's Note: My thanks to Alan for letting me post this article. If anyone tries a similar bash please let me know. I would be happy to post some photos here!

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