Bashing S Scale Freight Cars to On30

By Alan Carroll

Comparison to Bachmann On30 Hopper Car

Alan writes:

"Here is a quick and simple conversion and it looks good to boot! Proportions are Great!"

"I stopped by an S Scale Convention hoping to find detail parts and who knows what else. Well, I found a "Des Plaines Hobbies C.D.L.X. Tankcar" on sale for $20. One look and I knew it had potential but I did not realise just how easy it would be."

"Basically you change the trucks with the On30 Bachmann Vulcan Trucks. Glue on the S Scale coupler pocket with a filler in the opening. Add new raised shank coupler (Bachmann)in Kadee coupler pocket. Change brake wheel with one from a Bachmann Flatcar. Paint."

"Slicing & Dicing made easy!"

Comparison to Bachmann On30 Hopper Car

Comparison to kitbashed SR&RL style caboose

Comparison to Bachmann Tank Car

Alan also bashed an S scale box car to On30 as can be seen in the following photos:

"If anyone has any questions they can contact me directly.

Editor's Note: My thanks to Alan for letting me post this article. If anyone tries a similar bash please let me know. I would be happy to post some photos here!

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