Rio Railbus On30 Conversion

By Alan Carroll

One of the more popular bashes in On30 involves taking a diecast vehicle and converting it into an On30 railbus or truck. Here, in photos, is how Alan bashed a 1:43 diecast Rio Fiat Omnibus 18BL into an On30 railbus.

The following photos show some of Alan's conversions. As for donor mechanisms used, Alan states "The single rear axle railbus is on a On30 Bachmann Rail truck frame and mechanism. The double truck drive is from the HO Bachmann streetcar. There are two different drives for this and both work well."

The diecast Rio Fiat Omnibus

Here's how it was done:

Another Railbus Bash with a single rear axle:

Finally, here are photos of some of Alan's finished work:

If anyone has any questions they can contact Alan directly.

Editor's Note: My thanks to Alan for letting me post this article. If anyone tries a similar bash please let me know. I would be happy to post some photos here!

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