Surfside Traction

A Modular Traction Layout by Junior Yamachi

Junior wrote to me:

"I'm a Japanese modeler. I'm glad to see your On30 Article Website. Great and fantastic!

7 years ago I began to build a modular layout for my "TractiOn30(On30 traction) Project." Two members joined this project, but only two modules for my Surfside Traction were completed, and the project was suspended.

Now these modules are stored in member's homes. Each module is 450mm (17.71")X120mm (4.72") in size.

I've decided to continue the project and build the new modules. Here are some pictures of the old modules for your website."

Editor's Note: I'm pleased and proud to present these photo's of Junior's excellent modular traction layout.

Surfside Traction (ST) #2 stops at a car stop. This tiny California car was built using German-made toy trams' fronts, sides and roofs, powered by a Tenshodo SPUD WB-31. Low relief structures on the background were scratch-built.

ST #2 is just passing through the overbridge. The track paving is brick while the street is covered with concrete.

Masaharu Kimura, a member of the project, scratch-built this "cab-on-flatcar" electric locomotive for his BE Pacific Coast Branch (PCB).

PCB #3 hauls a flatcar.

All freight trains are push-pull operation on the line, a PCB flatcar shows the lifeguard for the street running.

Gasoline engine needs gas!

Another member Koichi Okada's Pacific North Shore Electric Railway #5 rides on a PCB flatcar. Oops! The load is to heavy for this aged flatcar.

ST #2 rolls down the street.

PCB #3 hauls gondolas.

Mobil gas station before putting on the module.

ST #7, unusual refrigerator streetcar, is under construction. #7 is to be opereated for carrying fishes from the wharf to the food processing plant on the line.

ST #7 and #2. Note the opened ice hatches on the roof of #7.

Toy-based trolleys. ST #7, Pacific North Shore #9 and ST #2.

ST's high side gondola #100 was scratch-built by me.

ST #100 shows the removable end.

ST #100 has a lifeguard too.

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