The Library

Welcome to the Library. Come on in and make yourself at home. This is the repository for articles and reference material of interest to On30 modelers. No library card is required, and you don't have to be quiet. Nobody else can hear you!

Contributions are always welcomed. If you have some reference material of interest, or would care to write an article for the library, please contact the Librarian

Articles of Interest

On30 Articles
On30 specific articles; locomotive and rolling stock, structures, etc.

General Interest
Articles of interest to ALL model railroaders.

Information & Reference Material on On30

On30" News Archive
Back in the 1980's Jeff Saxton published the On30" News. Jeff has graciously made all of the issues available once again.They are large files in .pdf format and can be downloaded here. Jeff also wrote up a history of the publication.

On30 Information & Reference Pages
Information and references about modeling in On30.

30" Gauge Prototype Links
30" gauge prototype information and photos.

On30 Project Ideas and Inspiration

Project Ideas by Glenn Hazel
Some interesting ideas for On30 modeling projects courtesy of Glenn Hazel.

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