Steve Fisher's Deep Run Railroad

Deep Run RR's Shay No. 1. The Grandt Line Porter, Heisler and SW1500 are the work of Gary Cerrone.

Steve Fisher has been kind enough to share with us some photo's of his beautiful previous On30 layout, the Deep Run Railroad. Steve is currently hard at work on a new version of the DRRR. Here, in Steve's words, is some background on the layout.

Webmaster's Note: This webpage was one of the original ones featured on my first website, put up over 8 years ago. Steve has recently sent me a ton of new photo's and I will be adding these to the Gallery as soon as I can find time. Thanks Steve!

"The story goes like this: it's a small island off the coast of Maryland. It had a large sugar pine forest on it. The folks that came here threw a 30" railroad on it for temporary use, you know, cut and leave. Well, someone else found mineral wealth, mined coal and rethoric(commonly used commodity for politicians) which in turn caused the founders to stay longer, the forest grew back and they have yet to leave. The owners never really upgraded the railroad but they didn't let it fall into ruin."

PCT Railtruck Number 1 is the work of Gary Cerrone.

"By now it's late '50's and time keeps marching on. The benevolent owner of the railroad, to keep his employees happy, allows the workers to letter the cars for their favorite railroads, since it doesn't interchange with anything. I have made extensive use of HO mechanisms for the motive power, as well as HO trucks and KD 5&10 couplers. When I started this venture into On30 I wanted it to be cheap and to use readily available materials. I have stayed with code 100 for the main and code 70 for the sidings. When I looked at code 83 I couldn't tell the difference from 100 and it cost more, yuk! All of the previous rolling stock was scratchbuilt by me or friends."

"I like lots of detail and realistic looks, and operations are basically loose. Because of the size of the railroad all track is still not in operation, so I am confined to out and back. I am in the process of changing out the turnout controls to the above the layout toggle. I have in some locations a sliding switch but I am not satisfied with the operation of them, they allow the points to drift."

PCT Railtruck Number 1 is the work of Gary Cerrone.

"Layout control is done with four cabs, hand held throttles, but this is going to be changed out as well. I am going to two mainline cabs and one cab for the yards. There are a number of small yards at Deep Run, Sewell, Wilson, Elizabeth, lumber camps 1,2,3 and at the sawmill located in the town of Charlyn Mills. Most of the secenry is Styrofoam that is sculpted with a wire brush wheel in an electric drill. It is messy at times but it is light weight and cheap and even though I can't get the detail that a rock mold provides I still get fairly passable secenry."

The Heisler locomotive is the work of Gary Cerrone.

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