Steve Fisher's Deep Run Railroad


These photos are of Steve Fisher's 2005 version of the Deep Run Railroad.

Allison Mill

Nanticoke Seafood Company

Crabbing & oyster boat

Heath's, Tucker's, Nanticoke and passenger shelter


Deep Run

Furniture Mill

Open air yard


Another view of the sawmill

Waiting for planting

Yard facilities

Elizabethtown Yards

Main Street

Burned out shops and engine facilities

Diesel shops

High Point

Ted & Becky's and church

Houk's trailer trash village

Road to Wilson and Main Street

Kenly Creek

Kenly Creek shops

Boat in Kenly Creek boat yard

Kenly Creek lumber mill

Other Photos

View of new Mogul

Allison Mill shop switcher

Barges at American Dredging

Boiler house at Richardson's

Boxcab from Dave Renard shops and a BVM Mighty Midget

Deep Run built switcher

New Forney from GCDesign shops

Head on of the new Forney

Last one of the new Forney

I want to thank Steve for sending these photos. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.

I will be posting more photos of the Deep Run in the near future. When they are available for viewing I'll announce it on the On30 and On30 Conspiracy Yahoo groups.

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