Mid-Hudson On30 Meet Report

October 22-23, 2010

October in upstate New York means fall foliage and the fall On30 Mid-Hudson Meet. Dave Camisa and I made our semi-annual pilgrimage from the Big Apple to Gardiner, NY for the meet. Layouts, models, clinics, and vendors wares were all on display, and once again it was a time to meet old friends, make new ones and have a great time socializing and talking On30. Below you will find some of the photos I took at the meet. I hope you will enjoy them, and I'll see YOU at the spring meet on April 15 & 16 next year.

Allen Littlefield organizes the show twice a year, in the spring and fall. My thanks to Allen and to all those who contributed to making this another great get together.

Walking Around The Meet

Some of the "usual suspects."

Dave Camisa

Martin Van Horn

Dave Wingrove & Don Kralik

Dave Wingrove at the throttle

Wes White & Martin Van Horn

Bob Willard

John Engbers

Wes White

Geren Mortensen & Clem O'Jevich

Martin Van Horn (he really gets around)

Martin again, with Larry Rickert

Clem O'Jevich & Kevin Hunter

The main exhibition table held some excellent models brought by attendees for display.

Many modelers came prepared with portable layouts

Brian Durrel brought his portable logging layout from Ontario, Canada

Paul Zavislak brought two HOn30 layouts, as well as some models to display

Pat Hennebery of Valley Model Trains had his 'pizza' layout on display

The Connecticut Shore On30 guys had their beautiful sectional layout on display.

Thanks to Sandy Alonzo, Jim Skeffington, Rob Larson and Bob Lee for all of their hard work in displaying the layout. It's always a pleasure to view the layout and see what has been added.

The guy in the water better hope that biffy isn't occupied!

Plenty of modelers set up at tables to display their modeling techniques

Alan was again present demonstrating his kitbashing techniques and aiding other modelers.

Colin Claxon had a loop of track set up to display some of his rolling stock. He also had some of his beautiful southwestern style adobe structures.

Bob Folger was demonstrating his techniques for modifiying Bachmann logging cars

Clinics - Lightweight Modules

Kevin Hunter gave a clinic on building lightweight modules. You can see more of Kevin's work and the module standards that he developed at his website.

Clinics - Trees

Greg Ouellette conducted clinics on Saturday and Sunday on tree building that was not to be missed!

First Greg did a simple deciduous tree:

Next was an evergreen. The armature was made from floral wire and the branches from hemp.

Finally Greg did a more detailed deciduous tree using small natural twigs, Scenic Express Supertree material and Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty:

Flatcar ExchangeOur first car exchange took place at the April 2010 meet where boxcars were exchanged. At that meet Les Davis proposed exchanging flatcars in April. Participants took an out-of-the-box Bachmann flatcar, lettered them for their railroads and painted and/or weathered them, then placed a load on the car. Three of us took place in the exchange this time. Here are the cars entered:

Larry Rickert's entry

Les Davis's entry

Dave Camisa's entry

The exchange was a alot of fun and another is scheduled for the fall meet. This time around the car to be exchanged will be a gondola with or without a load. So pick up a Bachmann On30 gondola and get going! It's a great way to add some variety to your rolling stock and to share in the hobby.

Dealers and Manufacturers

Many dealers and manufacturers were present with the usual assortment of goodies to examine and purchase. Thanks to all who attended. The vendors who take the time to set up at our shows and display their wares are certainly deserving of our support. I can recommend them all from personal experience:

Boulder Valley Models

Boulder Valley Models - Dallas Mallerich - Website

Crusader Rail Service

Crusader Rail Service - Ray & Mary Kaminski...and Gracie - Website

Mount Blue Model Co.

Mount Blue Model Co. - Ken Berlo - Website

The Peterboro Railroad

Peterboro Railroad - John Weigel - Website

Valley Model Trains

Valley Model Trains - Pat Hennebery - Website

Warrior Run Locomotive Works

Warrior Run Locomotive Works - Clem O'Jevich - Website

My thanks to Allen Littlefield and all who attended and made this another great meet. The next meet is scheduled for April 15-16, 2011. I hope to see you all there!

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