Mid-Hudson On30 Meet Report

October 17-18, 2008

When Dave Camisa pulled up to pick us up I was totally amazed! The sun was shining! It couldn't be, we were going to travel up the Hudson River to Gradiner, NY for the Mid-Hudson On30 meet. It ALWAYS rains on these weekends!

But not this time. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a great time. The fall foliage was out in great splendor, beautiful models and great layouts were on exhibition, and great fun and socializing with fellow On30ites was at hand. I took plenty of photos to share with those who could not attend. Unfortunately once again I forgot my tripod, so some of the photos are a bit blurry, but I think they capture the meet pretty well overall. I must apologize, as usual, for not getting photos of everything and everyone there. Some of the photos were too blurry and some things I just missed.

Allen Littlefield organizes the show twice a year, in the spring and fall. My thanks to Allen and to all those who contributed to making it another great show.

Our Tri-State On30 Module group set up our layout. We were happy to have four members from Pennsylvania with modules join us this time. Charlie Potter, Bill Strickler, Greg Jaekel and Nate Klein all brought their modules. The seven modules that were set up totalled 28'. I also have to thank another Pennsylvanian, Pete Hess, who brought his NCE DCC system and some beautiful locos, and taught me a few things about DCC. Thanks to all who attended.

The Show

As usual I'll start with some aerial views of the show.

That's the Tri-State On30 Module group's setup on the left.

Here are some photos of the Connecticut Shore On30 group's layout.

Models on Display

Models by Allen K. Littlefield

You may have seen Allen Littlefield's article in the October 2008 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. His model won the magazine's RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award, and he had it on display at the meet, along with some other excellent models.

Models by Jim Mcintyre

Jim brought a great selection of his models including a beautiful diorama of a log loader.

Obviously a man of good taste, Jim is also a fan of the old Firefly sci-fi TV show. Here are a few of his Firefly related models. Great stuff Jim, thanks!

Models by Pete Hess

Pete is a member of the Tri-State On30 Module Group and brought a nice selection of his beautifully weathered and detailed locomotives from his Swamp Valley RR to run on our layout.

Models by Russ Haigh

I was very happy to meet Russ at the meet. He is a master of micro layouts and he had two of them on hand, along with an excellent selection of On18 models. Many of you will find his Roswell micro layout familiar. Russ had posted photos of it to the internet previously, and I was very pleased to see it in person. It is even better looking than in the photos.

The 'Roswell' Micro Layout - Russ's work proves that "On30 is FUNNER!"

Model by Ted Brandon

Ted brought his new Doodlebug bash to run on the Tri-State On30 Module group's layout. I think that Ted enjoyed running it as much as we did!


Alan Carroll demonstrated his fantastic S scale diesel bashes, as well as many of his other On30 slicing, dicing and bashing techniques.

As you can see, those S scale diesels are powerful locomotives.

Allen Littlefield conducted a clinic on how to photograph models for publication. Allen's models have appeared in many model railroad magazines.


The Connecticut Shore On30 group was present once again with their beautiful sectional On30 layout. There is always something new to see on this excellent layout. You can see the overall layout in some of the aerial photos at the top of this webpage,

What's going on inside the railtruck?

"If the railtruck is rockin', then don't start knockin'"

Thanks to Sandy Alonzo, Jim Skeffington, Rob Larson and Newell Sage for sharing their layout with us once again. If you haven't seen this layout before I highly recommend that you try to make it to one of their show appearances.

Tri-State On30 Module GroupThe Tri-State group brought seven On30 modules to the show forming a 2' x 28' layout. You can see the overall layout in some of the aerial photos at the top of this webpage, Members with modules present were Charlie Potter, Bill Strickler, Greg Jaekel, Nate Klein, and Dave Camisa. Other members present were Pete Hess, Paul Harbord, Bob Robbins, Wes White, and myself. We hope to set up again at the Mid-Hudson Meet in the spring of 2009. New members are always welcome!

Set up is always 'fun.'

Bill Strickler makes some fine 'adjustments.'

Bob Robbins (left) and Pete Hess are hard at 'work.'

Dave Camisa (right) and spectator.

Greg Jaekel works on his module.

Larry Rickert (me) and Pete Hess.

The Tri-State On30 Module group is always looking for new members. If interested just click on the link above to visit our Yahoo group website.

Vendors and Manufacturers

A train meet without vendors is like a locomotive without fuel. There were plenty of great vendors present with lots of On30 goodies designed to loosen our wallets. These folks are willing to take the time to set up at the show and display their wares for us and are deserving of our support. I can recommend them all from personal experience:

Crusader Rail Services

Crusader Rail Services - Ray & Mary Kaminski - Email

Deerfield River Laser

Deerfield River Laser - Ed & Diane Fillion - Website

Flying Scotsman Hobbies

Flying Scotsman Hobbies - Joseph Burke - Website

Full Circle Models

Full Circle Models - Chris Bohn - Website

Mount Blue Model Co.

Mount Blue Model Co. - Ken Berlo - Website

Nate's Light Iron Hobbies

Nate's Light Iron Hobbies - Nathan Kline - Website

The Peterboro Railroad

Peterboro Railroad - John Weigel - Website

Warrior Run Locomotive Works

Warrior Run Locomotive Works - Clem O'Jevich (left) - Website

Friendships Old and New

One of the best things about a train meet is connecting with old friends and making new ones. This meet was no exception.

Uncle John Weigel, Martin Van Horn, Russ Haigh and Jim Mcintyre.

Larry Rickert and Martin Van Horn.

Pete Hess and GWBill Henderson.

Ray Kaminski, Nancy Rickert and Diane Fillion.

Nancy and Diane.

GWBill, Larry and Dave Camisa.

Russ Haigh and Jim Mcintyre.

Ted Brandon running his Doodlebug on the Tri-State layout.

Mike Greene takes a photo of Ted's Doodlebug.

Paul Harbord and Chris Bohn.

The Mid-Hudson Meet's mascot, Gracie.

Sandy Alonzo of the Connecticut Shore On30 Layout group gives Gracie a treat.

Next year's spring Mid-Hudson meet seems far away, but these things have a way of creeping up on us, so make your plans now for being there. The dates are April 17 & 18, 2009. This should be early enough that those of us planning on attending the Kimberton NG meet will be able to make both. Come and join in the fellowship of meeting other like-minded modelers. I hope to see you all there.

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