Mid-Hudson On30 Meet Report

October 26-27, 2007

Time for another trip up the Hudson River to attend the Mid-Hudson On30 meet hosted by Allen Littlefield. We had a fantastic time, as usual, and I took some photo's to share the experience for all those who could not attend.

Allen organizes the show twice a year, in the spring and fall. So first off, many thanks to Allen and to all those who contributed to making it another great show.

Dave Camisa and I had been working on some On30 modules that we wanted to set up at the show. While we didn't get them finished (scenicked, etc.) and I had to complete the wiring on mine at the show and with the extensive help of Paul Harbord, one of our members, we did get the modules all connected and ran some trains on them. So we accomplished our objectives and had another great time.

The Meet

Here are some overall shots of the meet:

Once again the room was filled.

Venors and manufacturers showed their wares.

Modelers showed off their work.

PLEASE NOTE:This time around I didn't have much time to take photos and only got around to it on the second day of the meet. All of the pictures here were taken in about 20-30 minutes, so I missed out on alot as usual,

To anyone I left out, please forgive me. Also, if I get any information incorrect, such as spelling of people's names, (a highly likely situation) please send me an email and correct me. I will make the correction immediately. Lastly, and again as usual, I took insufficient notes about many of the photo's, so if you recognize any photo's that have incorrect or missing information, please email me and it will be corrected/added.

The Vendors

Crusader Rail Service - Ray and Mary Kaminski

Gracie keeps an eye out on Crusader's wares!

John Weigel's Peterboro Railroad. What is 'GW" Bill doing here?

Deerfield River Laser - Ed and Diane Fillion

Deerfield's new Cannery kit

MF2Q Publications/LITCo - Gary Kohler (on right)

Mount Blue Model Co. - Ken Berlo (on left)

Valley Model Trains - Pat Hennebery

Pat had a neat little micro layout on display

Warrior Run Locomotive WOrks - Clem O'Jevich (on right)

The Connecticut Group's Modular Layout

Once again the group had their beautiful modular layout on display

Hey! What's that FB&O railcar doing on this layout, and how come it ain't green and yaller??

Tri-State On30 Module Group

The group had its first experience at setting up at this meet. Dave Camisa and I both brought two 2' x 4' modules. Two other members, Bob Robbins and Robert Wall, had modules ready but were unable to attend. Both Dave and I were working on the modules up to the day before the meet. Even though our modules weren't completed, we decided to bring them anyway and see if we could get a working setup.

On the first day I worked on the power bus and feeds on my modules while Dave set up his modules with the help of another member, Paul Harbord. After they had Dave's modules set Paul came over and showed me the proper way to wire. He wired my first module as I watched and learned. Later that day I added the power bus to the second module and we got all four modules connected.

Of course, all was not yet well. We had a number of bugs in the track work, and again Paul came to the rescue. Thanks, Paul, for all of your help! Without it we may not have gotten to run some trains.

Now on to the pix:

Overall veiw of the modules.

My wife Nancy was a great help too. Notice the Bachmann DCC system. We used it to quickly check out and debug the track and electrical work.

Dave and Nathan Kline, another member of the Tri-State group.

Dave's two modules, an engine terminal with turntable and yard.

Another overall view.

Dave and Nathan discuss the modules.

My two modules, a modified Timesaver plan.

Dave looks happy!

Dave gives Nathan a tour.

Left to right; Dave Camisa, Dan Wolschon (honorary member?), Larry Rickert, Paul Harbord, and two guests.

Dave running a Bachmann Forney. Dave christened his modules the "Phugly and Phunctional".

A Bachmann Pulpwood car loaded with foam. We called it our ballast car!

Dave and Paul.

So although we were unprepared and had our share of difficulties we did manage to set up out modules and run some trains. Now to work on the modules to improve the wiring and trackwork, ballast the track and add some scenery! We hope to attend the next meet on May 2-3 2008 and hopefully will have more moduleers and a much larger setup.

If you would be interested in joining our module group, you can join us at our Yahoo Tri-State On30 Module Group.

Don Kralik's Layout

Don had a really neat layout on display. Check out the beautiful rock work.

Jim McIntyre's On18 Layout

Jim had a great On18 layout on display. It's still under construction.

Colin Claxon's Wild West Layout

Colin had his excellent layout at the meet. It's set in the U.S. Southwest. I only got one good photo of the overall layout from above, so I'm cheating and adding two other pix I took at the meet last spring.

More Photo's Taken Around the Meet

Alan Carroll and Dallas Mallerich

Allen Littlefield gets some help from Nancy Rickert in drawing the door prizes.

Our Fearless Leader gets a jolt out of the meet.

Dave Wingrove hard at work on another of his excellent railcar bashes.

Les Davis (left) chatting with another attendee.

Steve Fisher, Maryland Rail Baron (left).

Vendors and Manufacturers Links

Like all good train meets this one had its share of great vendors and manufacturers. Below are links or email addresses for those who attended this Mid-Hudson Meet. These folks were willing to take the time to come to the show and display their wares for us and are deserving of our support. I can recommend them all from personal experience. If you visit their websites and wish to return to this page just use your browser's BACK button:

Boulder Valley Models - Dallas Mallerich - Website

Crusader Rail Services - Ray & Mary Kaminski - Email

Deerfield River Laser - Ed & Diane Fillion - Website

Maine Two Foot Quarterly Publications/Light Iron Turnout Co. - Gary Kohler - Website

Mount Blue Model Co. - Ken Berlo - Website

Peterboro Railroad - John Weigel - Email

Valley Model Trains - Pat Hennebery - Website

Warrior Run Locomotive Works - Clem O'Jevich - Website

Like all good times, this one had to come to an end. So tired but happy On30ites packed up and headed for their cars.

Even though we hated to see it end, we know that next year will see more times of fellowship and great On30 modeling. The spring Mid-Hudson meet is scheduled for May 2-3, 2008. I hope to see YOU there!

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