Mid-Hudson On30 Meet Report

April 20 & 21, 2012

Once more it's time for the spring Mid-Hudson On30 meet. My compadre Dave Camisa was able make the trip this time, as well as my wife Nancy, so we packed everythng into Dave's car and headed up the Hudson River. Come along and take a virtual tour with us...

Editor's Note: Allen Littlefield organizes the show twice a year, in the spring and fall. As always our thanks to Allen and to all those who contributed to making this another great meet. I hope those of you who could not make it will enjoy seeing the sights and will make plans to attend the next meet on Octber 26 and 27.

Let's start off with some general pix from the meet:

Allen Littlefield, organizer and host of the meet, conducts a drawing for some of the door prizes donated by the dealers present.

My wife Nancy, Nate Kline and Mary Kaminski

Ann Davis.

Jim Skeffington of the Connecticut Shore On30 Group celebrated his birthday. Note the razor saw and micrometer!

Who else but Alan Carroll to do the slicing?

Dave Camisa checks out some items at Wes White's sales table.

Paul Zavislak.

Paul had his beautiful little HOn30 mini/micro layout on display.

Gil Hulin from Eugene, Oregon was selling S-Helper Service steel boxcars factory painted for National Railways of Mexico. That comes to 31-feet long, 8-feet tall (carbody, excluding trucks) and 7-feet wide in O scale

Jim Lennart had some of his On30 models on display.

Wes White's module. Wes is a member of the Tri-State On30 Module Group.

One of Allen Littlefield's latest loco bashes.

Colin Claxon had his southwestern town on display.

Some of Les Davis' beautiful models.


The Duke of Madness and master of Bash & Slash, Alan Carroll, demonstrated some of his techniques over the two days of the meet.

Alan moderates a Yahoo group for kitbashing. If you have any interest in kitbashing and modifying your models I encourage you to join. You can do so at On30 Kitbashing.

Les Davis demonstrates a sound decoder installation on my Davenport. I learned alot from watching Les and ended up with a real growler! Les spends alot of time at these meets helping others with decoder installations and tune-ups.

Les also conducted a clinic on resin casting that was well attended.

The Connecticut Shoreline Group On30 Layout

Bob Lee, Sandy Alonzo, Jim Skeffington, and Rob Larson of the Connecticut Shoreline On30 Group had their beautiful sectional On30 layout on display once again. It's always a great pleasure to discover what new details have been added, and to watch the trains in operation.

Dealers and Manufacturers

Our favorite dealers and manufacturers had the usual gallery of goodies to examine and purchase. Thanks to all who attended. The vendors who take the time to set up at our shows and display their wares are certainly deserving of our support. I can recommend them all from personal experience.

The Peterboro Railroad

John Weigel (right) of the Peterboro Railroad

Peterboro Railroad - John Weigel - Website

Valley Model Trains

Pat Hennebery (left) of Valley Model Trains

Valley Model Trains - Pat Hennebery - Website

Nate's Light Iron Hobbies

Nate Kline of Nate's Light Iron Hobbies

Nate's Light Iron Hobbies - Nathan Kline - Website

Warrior Run Locomotive Works

Clem O'Jevitch of Warrior Run Locomotive Works.

Warrior Run Locomotive Works - Clem O'Jevich - Website

Deerfield River Laser

Ed Fillion of Deerfield River Laser.

Deerfield River Laser - Ed Fillion - Website

Crusader Rail Service

Ray and Mary Kaminski...and Gracie, of Crusader Rail Service.

Crusader Rail Service - Ray & Mary Kaminski - Website

Future Meets

Thanks to Allen Littlefield and all who attended and made this another great meet. The next meet is scheduled for October 26 & 27, 2012. I encourage you all can make it. It's a great way to enjoy your On30 hobby.

To receive the latest news about upcoming meets you can join the Mid-Hudson On30 Meet Yahoo group. Just Click Here!

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