Mid-Hudson On30 Meet Report

April 15-15, 2011

April brings showers, but it also brings the April Mid-Hudson On30 Meet. As usual I brought my trusty camera and snapped a bunch of photos which are presented below. So follow along and take a virtual tour...

Editor's Note: Allen Littlefield organizes the show twice a year, in the spring and fall. My thanks to Allen and to all those who contributed to making this another great get together. I hope those of you who did not make the meet will enjoy seeing the sights and will make plans to attend the fall meet.

Walking Around The Meet


Ann Davis presented an excellent clinic on using inexpensive craft acrylic paints for model railroading.

Bob Willard, who traveled down from Maine to attend the meet, presented a very informative clinic on painting and improving O scale vehicles.

Bob Folger gave an ongoing clinic on converting Bachmann On30 log cars to look more like eastern prototype cars.

Editor's Note: Bob has gratiously prepared a step-by-step article on how he does his log car conversions and has given permission for it to be posted to this website. Click here to read the article. Thanks Bob!

Alan Carroll, known as the Duke of Madness in some circles and master of the Bash & Slash, demonstrated his techniques over the two days of the meet.

Alan has started a Yahoo group for kitbashing. If you have any interest in kitbashing and modifying your models I encourage you to join. You can do so at On30 Kitbashing.

John Engbers, a longtime On30 traction modeler, brought some Shaghai made On30 traction models.

Les Davis was on hand to demonstrated decoder installation and programming. He also brought along a grouping of low relief buildings he has constructed for his On30 layout.

Les has documented how he built these beautiful buildings on the Railroad-Line Forum's On30 Line. You can visit his construction thread HERE.

Kevin Hunter, member of the Mid-Atlantic (MAD) Modules group, displayed two of his excellent modules and a template for building module end plates that will align perfectly.

Kevin has a website and offers module kits for sale. You can check out his website and module shop and the MADmodules group website at these links:

Kevin's Berrett Hill Trains website

Kevin's Berrett Hill Train Shop

MADmodules Group Website

Paul Zavislak brought a beautiful little HOn30 mini/micro layout which he displayed both days.

Last, but certainly not least, Martin Van Horn had a large number of terrific models which he converted from HO to On30.

Editor's Note: I hope to start a new section on the website documenting the history and development of On30. The first article will be a much more in-depth view of Martin's models to demonstrate what On30 modelers had to do before Bachmann released their On30 line. When the article is ready I'll post a link here.


The Connecticut Shoreline Group On30 Layout

Once again the Connecticut Shoreline Group had their beautiful sectional On30 layout on display.

Left to Right: Bob Lee, Michael Tierney, Sandy Alonzo, Paul Jiantonio, Jimmy Skeffington, Rob Larson.

I've seen this layout many times, but it's always a great pleasure to discover what new details have been added, and to watch the trains in operation. My thanks to the Connecticut Shoreline On30 Group.

The Tri-State On30 Module Group

Pete Hess and Wes White of the Tri-State group had three modules on display. Other members attending were Dave Camisa, Paul Harbord and Larry Rickert.

The Tri-State group is currently seeking new members who are interested in learning more about On30 modular model railroading.If you live in the NY-NJ-CT-PA area you are cordially invited to join our informal group. In addition to setting up at the Mid-Hudson On30 Meets we sometimes partner with the MADmodules group for a large setup at Kimberton and other shows.

If you would like to learn more about the group, you can join our Yahoo group HERE. You can obtain a copy of our module standards, view photos of some of our setups and post any questions you might have.

Dealers and Manufacturers

There were plenty of dealers and manufacturers present displaying a wide variety of goodies to examine and purchase. Thanks to all who attended. The vendors who take the time to set up at our shows and display their wares are certainly deserving of our support. I can recommend them all from personal experience:

Crusader Rail Service

Gracie was very excited about the meet.

Crusader Rail Service - Ray & Mary Kaminski...and Gracie - Website

The Peterboro Railroad

Peterboro Railroad - John Weigel - Website

Valley Model Trains

Valley Model Trains - Pat Hennebery - Website

Warrior Run Locomotive Works

Warrior Run Locomotive Works - Clem O'Jevich - Website

Deerfield River Laser

Deerfield River Laser - Ed & Diane Fillion - Website

The Man behind the Meet

Allen Littlefield (left) & Wes White

As always, my thanks to Allen Littlefield and all who attended and made this another great meet. The next meet is scheduled for Oct 14 & 15, 2011. If you have never attended, I encourage you to make an effort to do so. It's a great way to enjoy your On30 hobby. I hope to see you all there!

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