Mid-Atlantic Module Setup

The Mid-Atlantic On30 (MAD) Module group set up a large On30 layout at the show. The total run on the layout was 144 feet. The layout was set up to run terminal to loop. Due to car trouble three more members couldn't make it to the meet with their modules, which would have given us another 20+ feet of layout. I took lots of photos of the setup and I hope you all enjoy them.

The Crew

Members bringing modules included Kevin Hunter, Nathan Kline, Geren & Donna Mortensen and Robert Wall. Other members attending and helping with the setup were Dave Michailof, Charlie Potter, Bill Strickland, Greg Jaekel, Dave Camisa, Bob Wynne and Larry Rickert. Here are some photos of the crew.

Donna Mortensen

Dave Camisa

Larry Rickert and Dave Michailof

Dave Camisa, GW Bill and his nephew, Wayne Carney.

Geren Mortensen

Nate Kline

Kevin Hunter and Dave Michailof

The Usual Suspects

Kevin Hunter

Ron 'Mike' Michailof

Robert Wall

The Crew

Layout Setup

Members Modules

Geren Mortensen

Kevin Hunter

Nathan Kline

Robert Wall

The Layout


Kimberton will probably be the largest combined setup for both groups for this year. The Tri-State group will be setting up at the Mid-Hudson On30 Meet at Gardiner, NY in October, and the Mid-Atlantic group may set up at Timonium, MD.

If you would like to learn more about On30 modular railroading you can join one or both of our Yahoo groups:

Residents of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and surrounding areas, try the Mid-Atlantic On30 Modules Yahoo Group.

Residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas, try the Tri-State On30 Modules Yahoo Group.

If you are not a nearby resident but would like to join anyway, please feel free to join us!

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