Kimberton Module Meet

May 15-17, 2009

The 26th annual Kimberton module meet was held at Kimberton, PA on May 15 through 17. The Mid-Atlantic On30 Modules (MAD) Group set up an excellent modular layout. Several members are also members our own Tri-State Module group. We all worked to help setup and takedown the layout. There were some other great layouts, models, and the usual variety of vendors offerng lots of goodies. I hope you enjoy the photos I took.

I've broken the photos into the groups shown below. Just click on the thumbnail for each group to see all of the photos for that group. WARNING: There are ALOT of photos on these pages and they may take some time to load. Enjoy!

MAD Modules EBT Modules Warrior Run
Mid-Atlantic and
Module Layout
East Broad Top
Modular Layout
Warrior Run Large
Scale Layout
CT On30 CT HOn30 Maple Creek
CT Shore On30
CT Shore HOn30
Maple Creek
Vendors Models Misc
Misc Show Photos

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