Mid-Atlantic/Tri-State Combined Module Setup

The Mid-Atlantic and Tri-State On30 module groups set up together for the first time at Kimberton this year.

Dave Michailof describes the setup: "We had 79 feet of mainline, set up to run terminal to loop for a total of 160' of mainline. Of that 79 feet, 16 feet had been to Kimberton before, another 20 feet had been run together but never at Kimberton and the rest was brand new."

"Due to unforeseen work commitments a large portion of the mainline did not arrive until 1030 Friday night. These were brand new modules and it took us 4-5 hours to set them up on Saturday. They arrived incomplete and I think everyone did a great job working together to get them going. Once up they ran fantastically and I am planning on shamelessly copying some of their design elements."

Layout Setup

Members bringing modules included Dave Michailof, Kevin Hunter, Charlie Potter, Bill Strickland, and Greg Jaekel from Mid-Atlantic and Dave Camisa and Larry Rickert from Tri-State. Other members attending and helping with the setup were Robert Wall, Nate Kline and Wes White. Thanks to all who attended.

The two Daves, Camisa and Michailof

The two Daves talking with GWBill

Dave M. and Kevin Hunter prepare one of the return loops

Dave C., Rob Wall, Bill Strickland and Charlie Potter

Kevin looks glad to see one of his return loops connected

Charlie and Bill make some fine adjustments

Kevin works on the second return loop

Second return loop is connected and we are just about ready to run!

Rob Wall connects the power bus between Dave C.'s modules

And a special thanks to our dedicated track crew


Greg Jaekel (left) with spectators

Dave C. looks happy to see trains running

Dave M.'s bashed 2-8-0

Dave C.'s motorcar makes the first run

Alan Carroll pays a visit

Charlie Potter's Peach Bottom Tobacco made from a Korber kit

The crew celebrates!

Kevin and Wes White make a fine adjustment

Florida On30 Renegade Robert Harris, aka Count d'Rivet, and Larry Rickert

Nate Kline, Kevin Hunter, Dave Michailof and Dave Camisa

End-to-End Layout Tour

One of Kevin's two return loops

Charlie Potter's modules

Greg Jaekel's module

Bill Strickland's modules, soon to be a logging camp

Charlie Potter's corner module

Dave Michailof's corner module

Larry Rickert's modules

Kevin Hunter's second return loop

Dave Camisa's modules

Kimberton will probably be the largest combined setup for both groups for this year. The Tri-State group will be setting up at the Mid-Hudson On30 Meet at Gardiner, NY in October, and the Mid-Atlantic group may set up at Timonium, MD.

If you would like to learn more about On30 modular railroading you can join one or both of our Yahoo groups:

Residents of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and surrounding areas, try the Mid-Atlantic On30 Modules Yahoo Group.

Residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas, try the Tri-State On30 Modules Yahoo Group.

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