Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad

On Monday we took Gary Kohler's bus tour of the SR&RL. While we didn't see everything that was on the itinerary, this was probably because the fine folks at the SR&RL RR in Philips showed us such a great time. We spent alot of our time there and it was well worth it!

I took ALOT of photo's on our trip. I've only added captions to some of them, as it took me alot of time to edit the photo's and prepare the web pages. I also missed taking photo's of alot that I had wanted to. Just not enough time. I hope that you enjoy the pix!


These are some photo's taken around the area where the old station was located.The first three photo's are of the station itself. The others are of some interesting buildings in the area.


These are some photo's of the New England Creamery and the old toothpick clearing house in Strong.

I have alot of photo's showing details of the creamery building. I hope to put these on a seperate web page in the structures area of the Photo Gallery in the future.


Here's alot of photo's of the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad museum in Phillips. We had a great time there.

Some views along the right of way.


These photo's were taken at the end of the line.

I also have some detail photo's of railcar No.2 and Brookville No.11. I hope to put these in the Photo Gallery at a later date.

The folks at the SR&RL made up a special freight train for us!

Rangeley Lakes and Marbles Station

From Philips we traveled to the Rangely Lakes area and visited the Marbles station.

From Rangeley we went on to Smalls Falls where a logging branch of the SR&RL had been located, then to Toothaker Pond, We then headed back to Farmington. So ended our visit to SR&RL country. I want to thank Gary Kohler for an excellent tour. We had a fantastic time.

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