Kennebec Central Railroad

That's me at the start of the hiking trail that runs along the old KCRR right of way.

Tuesday began with a trip to Randolph to see what we could find of the old Kennebec Central Railroad.

The first few photo's show the old brick store in Randolph. The next group show where the KCRR yard and enginehouse had been located behind the store, and some views looking across the river. Last group of photo's were taken on a hiking trail that follows the old KCRR right of way going from Randolph to Togus. Enjoy!

The Old Brick Store in Randolph

The Yard Area in Randolph

Looking across the river. This may be where the bridge connecting the KCRR and the Maine Central was located.

We think this was part of the yard area.

Below was the yard and enginehouse. Too overgrown to go down there!

The Maine Central station across the river.

That's Dave Camisa investigating the area.

Just past the gas station is where the KCRR track crossed the road heading to Togus. The hiking trail is across the road from the gas station.

The Old Right of Way - Now a Hiking Trail

This pond on the left is at the beginning of the r-o-w.

My wife Nancy takes a break.

"Where the @%#$$@! are we"?

The trail crosses a road here. We're about half a mile in and decided to return from here. We still planned on making it down to the WW&F today!

One thing that surprised me was now narrow the strip of land is where the KCRR had their yard and enginehouse. We had alot of fun trying to figure out where things had been, and the walk along the r-o-w was very nice. Now, it's on to Wiscasset and the WW&F Railway.

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